54% of consumers engage other brands after a bad marketing or sales experience

Travelers receive mistargeted promotional information everyday resulting in them breaking off relationships with those brands. Can your brand afford to lose these relationships to the competition?

There is a solution.

At Junction AI™ we use Artificial Intelligence to individualize promotions for travel experiences, offers, perks and amenities for your customers like no other.

Individualize Marketing with Junction AI™

Retention Saves Money

New customers cost up to 25X more than retaining existing customers.

Loyalty Leads to Profits

Increased retention by 5% can deliver up to 95% profit growth.

Personalization Grows Spend

Up to 56% of customers spend more with brands that “get them”.

Personalization today is failing because it is impossibly expensive.
Using artificial intelligence we can get to know customers on a one-to-one individual level that you can afford.

How it Works

Junction AI™ provides all the benefits of AI for your travel business without the need to develop your own capability, manage an AI platform, or disrupt your existing business systems.

With Junction AI your marketing delivers individualized recommendations for every customer based on their location, values, context and behavior.

We analyze each and every customer to identify exactly what is needed, where and when.

Our AI enabled marketing platform matches the experiences, offers, perks and amenities for each customer automatically, eliminating the impossibly expensive demands of treating each customer uniquely.

Built smartly Junction AI is architected to work sociably with your existing customer channels and backend systems, including your CRM, product and service databases and loyalty programs.

Socially Aware

Your customers are social, they interact and evolve over time. So should you.


You need to understand and adapt how you engage travelers across their whole journey as their likes and dislikes, relationships, location, and circumstances change.


Junction AI™ harnesses the power of social networks for your success.


Personalized Recommendations

Your customer suffers from information overload. Time is their most precious asset.


You need to engage your customer through their whole travel journey with the products, services and information that meets their immediate needs.


Junction AI™ matches your products, services and content to each customer personally.

Enhanced Insights

Data might be the next oil, but its only valuable when its relevant, informs decision-making and delivers a benefit that customers can appreciate.


Your travel apps, websites and business processes must be tailored to deliver actionable insights.


Junction AI™ activates your data to deliver real benefits your customers will love.