AI that Understands Customer Buying Intent and Automates Personalized Marketing
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Your AI journey starts by walking before you run


Align goals, know what data you have and what you need with our readiness assessment.


Get started with an AI pilot project to pinpoint the opportunity and build your roadmap.


Start the transformation in your marketing with an AI roadmap to iteratively build on success.

It’s easy to get started on your first step, Contact Us to make it happen now

Right Promotion + Right Customer + Right Time = Success

It sounds simple and we make that a reality.

Our AI engine does the work.

Junction AI’s individual personalization automatically matches offers, experiences, events, perks and amenities to every customer, their location and context.

It's like the salesperson who knows what you want even before you do!

Our AI engine works in harmony with your existing channels and systems.

Our AI engine works in harmony with your existing customer channels, like your email marketing, website, app or chat and integrates with your existing customer platform, CRM and transactional data systems.

It’s “AI as a service”, we do the technical work, it’s fully supported and you focus on the creativity and campaigns that will delight your customers.

Why marketers need AI enhanced precision marketing

Reduce Costs


Save fees by engaging
on your own channels

Increase Revenue


More bookings
and ancillary income

Satisfy Customers


More likely
to buy from you

Here's some inspiration to get you thinking

Individualize perks to delight loyalty members

Individualize perks to delight loyalty members

Match the right perks and amenities you loyal customers


Competitors copy your discount points,
promotions and partners

Data tells us this is a long flight and
Olive enjoys health and pampering herself.


Differentiate your loyalty program by
personalizing offers, perks,
and amenities for each member

Your loyalty app knows that when she arrives,
she will be ready for some pampering,
so it offers bookings at your in-hotel spa.


Drive retention and loyalty income with
personalized offers, perks, and amenities
that delight your members

Olive books an appointment.
Personalization hits the mark and
Olive is a happy customer!

Personalizing The Whole Experience

Personalizing the whole experience

Match the right perks and amenities to you loyal customers


Experiences should connect your
brand to the whole journey

John is traveling with his young family.
There are thousands of options, too many
for him to research, verify and choose from.


Engage your customer throughout their
whole journey with individually
personalzed local offers

Offer a whole experience perk.
Your site suggests a local spot with a
swimming pool and a playground for the kids,
then an afternoon band and dinner at a restaurant
that the whole family will enjoy.


Exceptional customer experiences with
your brand at the center of the whole

Whole experience personalization hits the mark.
John's whole day is planned and his
entire family is happy. John is a happy customer!

Precision Targeting To Engage Customers

Precision targeting to engage customers

Engage customers to interact directly with you and your loyalty partners


Mistargeted promotions cause
customers to break their relationship
with your brand

Joan loves golf and she travels frequently
for business. It’s winter where Joan lives,
but her next trip is to Florida.
Offers for winter wear will miss the target.


Offer your customers something special
that is targeted and personalized
just for them

Your email marketing offers Joan a free golf lesson when she books directly at a partner course in Florida and upsells her with a discount on new golf fashion from your online shop, delivered in time for her trip.


Precision targeting hits the mark by engaging your customer with time and location appropriate offers

Joan buys a new outfit and books a round of golf.
Joan is a happy, loyal customer!

Powering Marketing Success

AI isn’t just for Amazon or IBM. You don’t need AI engineers, AI
infrastructure or a team of data scientists, let Junction AI do the work.

See for Yourself